Thanks to their versatility and longevity, metal roofs have become one of the most popular options for homeowners who need to replace their roofs. However, to protect the look and the lifespan of your new metal roof, it’s important that you choose the right gutters. Different gutter types not only change the look of your home’s exterior, but they also provide specific benefits that set them apart from your other options.

Gutter Options for Metal Roofs

Because of the smooth surface provided by metal roofs, water runs off of them quickly, which means it’s important that your gutters are capable of quickly draining water away from your home. There are several types of gutters to choose from so you can find one that perfectly balances function and aesthetic.

For example, steel gutters are ideal for snowy areas since they are strong enough to withstand heavy snowfall. You can also choose between standard and zinc coatings, each of which provides its own benefits.

Much like metal roofs, seamless aluminum gutters have also become increasingly popular in recent years. The most appealing aspect of these gutters is that because they have fewer joints, they are much less likely to leak. This type of gutter is easily customizable, which means that you’re getting the right type of gutter for your home.

If you want a more luxurious look on the outside of your home, you may consider copper gutters. Copper gutters resist corrosion and are highly durable. Additionally, the patina that copper gutters develop over time not only gives them a unique look but also adds to their durability.

In addition to different gutter materials, you can also opt for different shapes. Box gutters can be made of aluminum, steel or copper. They are a built-in system that is a part of the roof structure. This makes them ideal for metal roofs since they can handle a lot of water. A half-round gutter has a classic look. They can be steel, copper or aluminum, and are installed separately from the roof itself.

Choosing the Right Size

To choose the right gutter size, it is important to talk to a professional. They will know the exact measurements and considerations to think about when you are sizing your gutters. The first thing to consider is the area of your metal roof. They will get the square footage and consider any complex roof shapes that your roof may have to ensure that you have plenty of gutters for the job.

You also have to consider the pitch, or the slope of your roof. Metal roofs already shed water faster than other roof types. If your roof is particularly steep, the flow of water will be even faster and can increase how much water your gutters need to handle. How much rainfall you get also makes a difference. You want to make sure that the gutters are big enough to handle the water volume.

A professional will also think about the downspouts you need to allow the water to flow from your gutters. The more water volume you have, the bigger the downspout you will need.

Proper Gutter and Roof Maintenance

At least once a year, you should have a professional roofing inspector inspect both your metal roof and your gutters. They will be able to see if you need any repairs or if any sections of your gutters require replacement.

You can also talk to them about doing some routine maintenance as part of the inspection process. You will want them to clean your gutters. When gutters are full of debris, they are not going to remove water effectively. Something like a clog could be detrimental to your roof and gutter system. If you tend to get a lot of dirt and debris accumulation in your gutters, talk to an expert about some gutter guards to help keep them clean so that water can flow freely.

Picking the right gutters for your metal roof is critical because when you pick the right combination you will know that they will complement each other. They will work together for both optimal aesthetics and function. In business since 1983, we have decades of experience with roofing and gutters in the Twin Cities. Our experience also extends to storm damage. No matter your roof and gutter needs, we are here to provide you with the highest level of service while treating you like family.

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